Steamcordia ("STEAM as in water, CORD as in rope, IA as in I, A") is a one-man Steampunk musical act. Stephen Cornelius, the man behind the music, uses the instruments he has lying around his apartment to regale listeners with melodic Steampunk stories featuring both mirth and mayhem.

What started as a few songs turned into a full album (and a few virtual concerts) after receiving an unexpected "gift" of half a year off during 2020. When Covid hit, live events (including theatre) were shut down for the forseeable future. During the time off, he wrote and recorded songs, shot a few music videos, and even built a set of orchestra chimes. Now that in-person gatherings are resuming, Stephen can't wait to share his music with the Steampunk community!

Stephen stands with an accordion in front of a fountain
Stephen stands onstage at C.O.G.S. 2021
Stephen sits on the sidewalk with an accordion

You can catch Steamcordia live at various Steampunk conventions around the North Eastern US. Upcoming performances will be posted on Facebook. Stephen has previously performed at Key City Steampunk Convention, Tell-Tale Steampunk Festival, C.O.G.S. Steampunk Expo, and at virtual conventions including C.O.G.S. STREAMpunk and Jewelry City Steampunk Festival. You can listen to Steamcordia online on YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and on most other streaming services.